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"I got more out of one session with Nancy than from twenty years of therapy." - Hilary P.

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Neuroscience-Backed Techniques to Help you Elevate Your Life

Top athletes have one thing in common. They all have coaches. Together, I can help you to reach maximum performance by eliminating the roadblocks in your path preventing you from achieving your goals. 

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Author | Lawyer | Former COO | Master Coach | Harvard-trained Negotiator & Mediator  Parenting Expert | Corporate Strategist with 20+ years of experience

Life doesn't happen in a silo. 

Work affects families. Stress affects relationships. Your mind impacts your body. You need a coach who understands it all. 

As an:

  • Internationally Certified Master Coach

  • Harvard-trained Negotiator and Mediator

  • Former COO with decades of experience in strategic business advisory and consulting

  • Parenting and Child Behavioral Specialist

  • Expert in Communication & Conflict Resolution

  • Meditation and Mindfulness leader

I help you to unearth, resolve and release the problems preventing you from feeling joy and fulfillment. 

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Feeling overwhelmed?

Feeling unappreciated?

Feeling unfulfilled?

Feeling frustrated?

I can help. You deserve peace. 

Blending my cutting-edge research and proprietary techniques merging neuroscience-backed insights and spiritual tools, together we can overcome the roadblocks preventing you from living a calm, content and fulfilled life. 

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My clients are often the ones who don't "need" a coach.

They're high-achieving, ambitious, balancing very hectic schedules and competing priorities - demanding careers, children, growing businesses, 


But everyone with that success-driven profile has one thing in common.... Your needs often come last.


Even if you find yourself managing... at what personal cost? 

Even the strongest and most capable of us deserves to have someone in their corner. My clients range from CEOs to teenagers. 

As a Master Coach specializing in Executive development, conflict resolution, parenting hacks, and practices to calm the mind and soul, I am here to help you navigate through life's highs and lows with greater confidence, ease and purpose. 

From my Clients

Nancy is in a league of her own! 

She's the best coach - stellar at business advice and an incredible spiritual healer. - Nodar D, CEO

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My sessions are targeted, specific and customized to your needs. We begin with a 45-minute intake to assess your goals. Let's resolve the conflicts and frustrations in your life. 

Get A Daily Dose of Peace

"Marie Kondo for the Soul"

Get your copy of Nancy's debut book of original quotes and philosophies, written to help you soothe your mind, reflect and 

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Learn proprietary mindfulness practices to quell anxiety and calm your mind

Apply my communication frameworks to navigate difficult conversations and build healthier connections

Develop a more positive mindset to actualize better habits and find joy

Create an action plan to fly toward your dream future with greater confidence 

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