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Author Nancy J. Ganz is a modern day philosopher and engaging speaker who prepares custom speeches and thought discussions for each client's event, seminar, podcast or workshop. 



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I customize every speech to each target audience. 
Sample topics below. 

Category 1: Mindset and Motivation Shifts to Live a Calmer, More Purposeful Life

  • Deep-dives on philosophies from my book, Finding Peace at the Center of the Storm

  • Learn to let go of guilt, shame and fear

  • Reframe your brain toward healthier habits

  • Tools to quell anxiety and navigate through stress

  • Soothe and calm your mind 

  • Shifting toward a "success-mindset"

  • Develop frameworks for honest conversations 

  • Building self-confidence, overcoming 

  • Navigating through life's transitions

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Business Meeting

Category 2: Executive Leadership and Development

  • Former COO in wealth management with decades of experience optimizing employees talent 

  • Learning to maximize your strengths and up-skill gaps 

  • Tips to motivate a team to work collaboratively

  • Tools to manage up and down 

  • Training to give speeches and run more efficient meetings

  • Maximizing personal and team efficiency

  • Navigating difficult conversations 

  • Learning to give candid feedback 

Category 3: Parenting Tips and Tricks to Accelerate Emotional and Intellectual Development

  • Parenting smarter not harder

  • Helping children to accelerate development

  • Teaching children to develop a growth mindset

  • Harnessing a child's natural  fearlessness

  • Building children's confidence

  • Reducing anxiety and guilt

  • Tools for parental self-care

  • Tips to maximize micro moments

  • Healthy frameworks to deal with comparison and competition 

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